Help Maintain the Trails you love!

Maintaining a trail system takes lots of time, man power and money!  If you love to spend time outdoors you come to appreciate a nice groomed trail. Whether it be running, hiking or mountain biking.  Many hours of effort have gone into the process of creating and maintaining just one trail.  Hart Farms is no exception, and Jimmy Scott has poured countless hours and dollar bills into this project.  Last year a group of us stepped up to help out so these trails would continue to be maintained for all of our use.  As part of this effort, many have donated their time and or money.  Moving forward, we would like to ask that if you use the trails, please 1. leave no trace 2. leave a donation to help with our efforts and 3. if you can’t afford to leave any amount of a donation, please volunteer some of your time to help keep the trails and facilities at trailhead clean for others coming after you.

Thank you in advance!

The crew at Hart Farms

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